Active Learning Spaces Bookings


Guidelines for Active Learning Spaces Users

Because spaces shape and change practice, and research shows that learning is enhanced, deepened and made more relevant when learning spaces provide opportunities for active and interactive participation, collaborative project work, discussion and presentation and personalized learning, Mohammed VI Library has set up 10 Active Learning Spaces that provide engaging and adaptable spaces likely energize students and inspire creative, productive and efficient learning. Located on the right wing of the 2nd floor of the library Active Learning Spaces are for academic purposes such as group work, and are available for groups from three (3) to five (5) students.


On-line Booking:

Prior booking is necessary to secure the use of the rooms. Please use the ALS online-booking system to reserve a room: For assistance, contact Circulation Desk at ext. 2170 or


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If you wish to cancel...

You are kindly requested to do this so that the room becomes available again for others.


Opening Hours:

The Active Learning Spaces (ALS) are open to current student during normal library working hours.


Booking Regulation Details:

A student may book on-line a room for up to three consecutive one-hour sessions per day, starting on the hour, by filling his/her name, plus Student ID number, and giving the names of other members of his/her group. For each study room, at least 3 names are required to secure booking.

Failure to abide by Library rules may result in ALS booking cancelation.

Room Keys

ALS room RFID keys should be collected, and returned on time, to the Circulation Desk staff. Failure to return ALS keys on time will result in a fine.


Respect Others

  • Noise: Don’t cause undue disturbance to other users.
  • Cell phone: Please set cell phones to vibrate mode.
  • Food and beverages: Only water is allowed in the Active Learning Spaces.
  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside all University buildings.
  • ALS Booking: For each study room, at least 3 names are required.
  • Personal property: Users are responsible for their personal property.

Violating any of the above conditions will be considered a disciplinary offence and will be dealt with according to Library regulations.

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